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Firefox, A Emergency Update



Just be published Firefox, an emergency update Mozilla boys had to get out to the streets by the disaster of the role Canvas.drawImage occurred with the previous version. The explanation of the bug can be found here.

Already know if Firefox has failed to account for its updated automatically, you can do it yourself in the Help menu | Time… If you do not use Firefox, you are reading this and want to use it, you can Download here in all languages and systems Operating supported by the browser.

Five reasons why it ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ is (maybe) the best platforms in history


A few days ago our colleague invited Sacha sources gave us their detailed impressions about the newly published ‘Super Mario Galaxy,’ but now that I have also had the opportunity to travel planetoid  in controlling the plumber, I would like to take a few notes about the title.
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LG L227WT, monitor 22 inches


Presented at the IFA this year, next month is set to sell LG L227WT, one of 22-inch LCD monitor that stands out, above all, by its contrast ratio, excellent 5000:1.
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Contrast Ratio static and dynamic


When we speak of monitors, screens, televisions, … We tend to refer to his as a contrast ratio of the technical specifications. One can assume that as this is bigger contrast ratio provide better image quality, but what is the contrast ratio? And what’s more, why are there so many differences between different models?
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Desings of computers for Microsoft


It was just the work week for many, so why not relax a little. We do so with a series of designs made by the company Ammunition Group for Microsoft.

This is not prototype computers, but some designs with which Microsoft wanted to show their vision next to the operating system that, by then, was known as Longhorn. Continue reading

Pack OCZ RAM memories, make a total of 8 GB


I personally recommend the installation of 2 GB of RAM in a computer again, but many people are already using a total of 4 GB. OCZ, maker of high-end RAM memories, and that is precisely these OCZ PC2-6400.
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Rumor: new NVidia GeForce 9 high range for February


A good rumor in the afternoon Friday: it is said that the new range will launch NVidia GeForce 9 in February 2008, which would be the latest in graphics cards housework.
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Rumor: BlackBerry 9100, the specifications



A few days ago, rumors began Blackberry devices with touch screen and from BoyGeniusReport, a source that does not usually almost never make mistakes, we now offer which would specifications Blackberry 9100.
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The company OPPO has unveiled its new PMP small and thinness. The model in question is called Blast V9 and apart from providing tactile controls for handling it, also plays AVI and FLV files stored on its 2 gigabytes of capacity. Continue reading

i-Station U43


The company i-Station presented in Korea its new portable media player or PMP, whose model is sometimes called the U43. Continue reading