LimeWire Pro 4.14.8

limewire.jpgLimeWire is an application that lets you exchange files User-to-user using the Gnutella network.
LimeWire is similar to Ares, but the difference between Both is that LimeWire is more secure and faster than Ares; Although LimeWire sometimes may not have Files that u could be able to find in Ares, but is better to be sure that with LimeWire The O.S will be free of virus.
But i also clarifies that Ares has improved in recent times and it is somewhat safer than before. LimeWire also has filters for searches, the ability to browse the files of users, and the ability to connect to different groups of Gnutella based on the geographical location, speed or content.
It is very fast with the searches, and also keeps several at once.

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