Bluetooth Devices Are Compatible With Leopard


I had no idea that in Mac OS X, at least until Leopard, it was not implemented profile A2DP Bluetooth, which prevented use devices that implement this option to listen to music wirelessly.

From Parrot announce now that their products are compatible with Mac OS X always leading Leopard, the latest version of the operating system. These products mentioned the Parrot DS1120 or Parrot PARTY.

But this affects not only the products but to any other Parrot which implements Bluetooth and the profile A2DP: headphones, speakers, … And not only that, as also implements AVRCP, whether speakers or headphones controls we can manage music from them: moving tracks, pause, raising and lowering the volume, …

So if you were hesitant in buying any Bluetooth device by whether or not it would be compatible with Mac, you already know that you Leopard work, but not with earlier versions.

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