Nokia Mobile Enterprise Conference 2007

With a few days to chew all the information that I am presenting in the Nokia Mobile Enterprise Series, I must say that it was really interesting the outcome of the event globally; lot of data, many presentations and the ability to listen to the leadership of the corporate market Finnish company.

And I say it’s very interesting because all eyes are turned towards its strategy of consumers IFO and acquisitions they are doing in this area, the data that I drew attention are the same people who used to do a little analysis of the future of mobility .

A couple of months ago had run the rumor that the new family Blackberry would have touchscreen display and would set aside the traditional QWERTY keyboard that distinguishes them – in fact commented that the launch would take someone’s Blackberry OS 5.0 .Today in Crunchgear seem to confirm this strategy and RIM also ends of seeing the trend of a family with multiple versions (with WiFi, GPS, 3G, etc.) that began to see in the Pearl.

Personally using an onscreen keyboard see it terribly inferior in quality and speed typing at a keyboard physical, but if the market accepts the iPhone and strategy sensors hápticos are expected Nokia operate… perhaps only perhaps Touchscreen BB is not a bad idea.

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