The Unreal Engine 3 is in development for Wii


Although Epic Games denied at the time through its president Mark Rein the fact that its graphics engine star would end up in Wii, he has been in charge of confirming that a development team whose name preferred to keep secret is presently working in adapting the powerful Unreal Engine 3 to the Nintendo home console.


This case is similar to the Unreal Engine 2, whose conversion to Wii Ubi Soft was commissioned for use in its own ‘Red Steel’, which would not be excluded the possibility of being once again this company who was working this adapting the already confirmed face ‘Red Steel 2’. But it is established that this is just a possibility that I just happen, and that is not necessarily so.

Outside was like, and although it is clear that users do not acquire this Wii console graphics power looking into it, it is always good to hear about developments like these. Obviously not wait to see this engine yielding the same results offered titles like ‘Gears of War’ or ‘BioShock’, but at least it is an open door to an improvement in the visual field for this machine.

In these statements, Rein said that still have many things to improve this third generation of Unreal Engine for the platforms on which they are focused, and therefore sees no sense to Epic be devoted to adapting to Wii. We will have to wait until something comes to light of this engine in the machine to see if Nintendo really worth the job of adaptation.

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