Humanshape Manufactured With Spare Typewriter


Whenever I felt a certain nostalgia for old typewriters. For some reason I seem fantastic and it is precisely because they could work. No, I have not lost my head and re crazy typing in a new sheet each time I make a mistake. Definitely, there is no computer at the time to carry out the tasks and not guess as journalists in the world have worked with them for so long. He spent years in magazines and news staffs know at the time constraints of time, the sentences added at the last minute, the stress of writing…

No, when I speak of nostalgia, it is because they still fall made before the attitude of these machines, that halo poetic born with only watch. What good look in a old desktop. Yes, mine is pure design, pure decoration and sensitivity. But I like and that is why we still retains the old Olivetti my mother or my grandmother, it is no longer good…

Perhaps for that very reason I did not want to ignore this human figure created by Jeremy Mayer, which has been exclusively armed with pieces of typewriters. If you look good image, you will see that most of your body is composed of the keys while his chest is located in the center housing. Sorry, I encourage you to predict that many of you will say: why bother to show us this man tin? And the fact is that there is no reason, just that it is Friday and I relaxed at the hand of my eternal nostalgia.

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