Airis Players with WiFi, Bluetooth and Internet radio


How can highlight in the saturated world of MP3 players or MP4? Well, in addition to price and attractive design, with features not seen in many models.

Airis has completed its range of portable multimedia computers with two new models MP4, MP402W and MP402B.

The first of these have Internet radio, we can enjoy thanks to its WiFi connectivity, it also allows us to communicate with other computers without wires. We can even reproduce multimedia content from the computer without having that content is stored in the hard disk player, on the other hand we have to say that is 2 GB.

The other model, the Airis MP4 Bluetooth MP402B also carries a memory of 2 GB but in this case change WiFi connectivity by bluetooth. It can enjoy music with wireless headphones that come bundled with the player, as well as serve as a hands free to use our phone.

As common features include the 2.4-inch screen and resolution of 240×320, voice recording and FM radio and an expansion of its microSD memory card, the same as we can already use mobile phones in many musicals.

The two players MP4 of Airis are sold for Us 178$.

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