Hands dry and cool with the mouse Optiwind



Definition of the Royal Spanish Academy: Biol. Excess sweating, generalized or localized in specific regions of the skin, especially on the feet and hands.

An evil that lurks in the timid in search of conquests, who are suffering an interview and those working in the midst of a major review. Just sweating without apparent cause, without much heat from the outside and without a disease through. Odiosa sweating for a sobreestimulo system natured. Could a simple game generate this hassle? Are a few hours of work in front of their computers enough to sobreestimular our nervous system?

Apparently it is and why was born Optiwind which is nothing more than a mouse designed to combat sweating of the hands. Of course, there is nothing uglier than a slippery limb to take the mouse. What solution has found its manufacturer then? Nothing less than a small fan built prevents sweating during use. Simple and effective.



Vía: Coolest gadgets

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