Hard Drive Box With Password


If you have an external hard drive and it’s nobody’s funny that you look at, whether it contains confidential files or simply because you carry your entire collection of porn, this is your solution. Even so this is not the most effective since it does not encrypt the data, remove the hard drive of the box and plugging it in another box or a computer would have complete access.

In today’s market you can see hard drives that protect your data encriptándolos, others through identification by retina and in this case with a password. The IOTEK ezSECU ez850 has a touch screen to enter a password and this will enable us to access the contents of the hard drive installed on the interior, which should be 2.5 inches and the type SATA.

It is compatible with any operating system, since it connects via USB, like most other external hard drives.

Vía Gizmodo

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