HP believes in computers with touch screen


Javier meant to talk about the likely launch BlackBerrys with touchscreen. The iPhone has batteries to many manufacturers to develop products with this technology.

HP already has long sold computers with touch screen, it is not surprising the statements of one of its executives in asserting that such computers will be much more common as from next year.

I do not is very clear that this will be the case, because from the viewpoint of the user interface touch on a computer screen is not exactly comfortable. While on a cell phone or PDA makes little sense, we already have it in our hands and we only have to move your fingers to press the computer screen we have to raise their hands and have the arm held high is something that tires quickly.

They will continue with the range TouchSmart and is also expected to launch some UMPCs over the next year, in which almost imperative if I see a tactile interface.

Vía | Pocket Lint.

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