Konami Is worknig on a complete overhaul to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2009”



A few more incontrovertible axioms are in the games that anyone who reads it that if you like football, you like ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’, not failure. However, until not long ago unblemished saga Konami has been seeing diminished the quality of its development so inversely proportional to the increase in its popularity, running the risk of ending up repeating the same mistakes that eventually condemned to the ‘Cup’ the ostracism.

But rectify is wise, and fortunately it appears that the developer of the saga team is ready for this, having been on the verge with the delivery of this year. Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka, head of the saga, has become an act of contrition in the British magazine official PlayStation and has confessed that the game was released too soon by factors outside, and that the end result has been far from what they wanted.

As tough but necessary penance Seabass ensures that the face version of next year is Replete full title, in order to avoid a recurrence once again the same film. Of course, it is still too early to know to what extent this promise will be fulfilled putting it all upside down to move the broom, but at least know that there is intent to do so and is a reason for hope.


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And incidentally, commented just published by Konami for the inevitable patch editing’2008 ‘for the PlayStation 3, and all those users who have the game machine connected to the network will begin this download automatically, which hopefully will end the problems of lag and framerate that have aroused so much controversy. If any of these experienced some improvement (or not), we do know.

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