Meizu M8 MiniOne, with a walk in the street



Oh, clones, copies, copies. A virus that spreads to puffs in the world of gadgets and more if there is a company like Apple who walk by there. And worse still if it develops incredible models, to the disgrace of their competitors.

That’s why a few rush, without prejudice, to invent copies – sometimes better achieved, sometimes more burdas- of products of the company from Cupertino. Meizu is one of them, had no shame in a phone manufacturing very similar to iPhone that is already talk that even though it has not yet been launched.

Recent rumors suggest that the terminal Meizu M8 MiniOne be submitted in January 2008, coinciding with the CES to be held in the city of Las Vegas. His departure to the sale is scheduled for February and die of want to see how Apple will react to the arrival of this terminal which, let us be honest, it is almost a copy faithful telephone star of the American company (I am not speaking of one of the iPhone !).


Vía: Engadget Mobile

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