RIBOGU Q, a robot identifying terrorists and fugitives


It is strange that this robot has not been a product 100% American. I brotando irony is, none of that is just a reality that I observed when I read the newspapers and hesitation in fear of American government on issues such as insecurity and terrorism.

But no, this android was manufactured in Japan by a company dedicated to security call ALSOK. So have created RIBOGU Q, a robot that analyzes pictures and identifies potential terrorists, fugitives wanted, or any other individual to integrate a blacklist of government. The robot measured 130mm, weighs about 90 kilograms and uses four wheels to move. It has sensors fire and the idea is to try to begin next year in airports and shopping malls.

If I like this idea? Frankly, it is not my style and I do not encourage you to think about what would happen if the android fails and terminates an innocent involved. Man, this is not a joke to authenticate faces.

[Via: Impress ]

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