Samsung already has almost completed its dual player


Samsung, which has a couple of good players discs Blu-Ray, already have ready to go to market its bid for the player as dual solution to the war of formats. As such LG, the Korean firm did not want to risk more of the account in April and already met its intention to submit a player that would help us discs Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

The Samsung BD-UP5000 will be released in the middle of next month in USA and probably also in Europe, with an estimated price of between 800 and 1,000 dollars.

At the same ceremony the company Warner Home Video showed his record total Hi D, with a face for the HD DVD and another for Blu-Ray, is supposed to be the solution to the war, since it could be read only on any player. But let us have no illusions because neither within the same company clarifies: It is unlikely that the total HD will finally distributed.

[Via | Yahoo. ]

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