Samsung develops a new version of the RFID chip


The RFID chips implanted at present are simple labels whose use is determined by a reader or detector, and now Samsung is to revolutionize the RFID chips to become readers. Let me explain.

Samsung has developed a new RFID tag that allows reading other RFID tags, which is characterized in a much broader area than the current one. For example, the use of these new RFID would pearl in museums, tourist or inventories, so that when passing our new RFID tag can be read a variety of information on the label that includes objects about which we know more. Tourist information, historical and economic assistance.

An example fairly clear. If this system gets extended, it would be good if each store puts up one of these RFID tags at the door of the premises, which could come before knowing what gives us the establishment. And this is a simple example.

The size of this new chip is 6.5×6.5 mm, which means that can be installed in virtually any gadget or appliance pocket. Samsung has an idea initially introduce readers rate card for subsequent inclusion in mobile phones, PDAs and the like. On dates, yet we know nothing.

[Via | Coolest Gadgets.]
[More info | BusinessWire.]

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