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Philips enters the notebook game in Brazil


Details are pretty sketchy right now, but it looks like Philips is set to release its first two notebooks in Brazil in December. Continue reading

Google Mobile Maps PinPoints Your Location Without GPS

google-maps-logo.pngGoogle has been adding features to its maps at a fast and furious pace. Yesterday, it was terrain and wiki-style collaboration for its Web-based maps. Continue reading

Revealed The Final Cover Of GTA IV


Rockstar continues revealing details of his game star with drabs. If exactly one month ago was revealed different boxart ‘GTA IV’ (in the absence of a final cover that remained secret) today, finally, Rockstar has shown the last and definitive cover of the game, which is still in line with deliveries previous.
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Nintendo Prints Money


Or such is the conclusion to be drawn from the figures that the company is revealing Kyoto during the last few hours. The latest talk of a total of 32.3 billion won thanks to the 7.8 million downloads that have occurred on the Virtual Console Wii since it was launched. Continue reading

Matias iRizer gives laptops a lift, folds flat


The Matias iRizer lifts your laptop up at four comfortable angles by sliding a stand into the cutouts on the base labeled 20°, 30°, 40° and 50°. Continue reading

TMSON D887-2, A complete player


To see if someone decides and imports D887-2, a portable audio player and video produced in China with a lot of interesting features. While it is somewhat short on the screen size, 2.6 inches, it compensates with the rest of functionality.
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Motorola RAZR2 V8


¿Do you like the phone you see in the picture above? Well, Motorola has introduced this morning in Spain formally and surely that is a very successful sale.

The Motorola RAZR2 is the continuation of the strategy of the American company for a model that will draw a lot of impact and sales. The formula has not stopped giving successes, but leaves the company without defenses when another team comes out of competition you face plant.
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