Easy-Cube 40 Series, a compact PC… but not both



If there was a competition on portable compact, I do not believe that this equipment manufactured by Computer Mouse could cope with the Endeavor ST110 that Epson has recently launched. Okay that Easy-Cube 40 Series has achieved a fairly discreet size, at least compared with traditional computers, but still has not been as astute as the Epson model, which is really nice and small.

Even with the laurels of second – or third, because I believe that the First undoubtedly will lead Mac mini this team deserves a place here in Ounae because what is important are the intentions and Computer Mouse at least has pointed to the size pocket, which is not bad.

This computer is like “Build to Order”, ie the user armará its own model to suit your needs. Thus, you can choose from a processor Core Duo E4500 or Core 2 Duo E6320 and a hard drive of 160 or 250GB. The RAM is 2 gigabytes and the graphics card also has two options (945G or GeForce 8500GT) and the operating system is the Vista Home Premium.

Choose the option you choose, the prices do not vary too much because the cheapest is the 500 euros while the most complete amounts to 560 euros. I think the worst part was the leading issue of this bothers the territories, did succeed in finding this computer stores in Europe? At this time is unknown although I do not smell good.


[Vía: Akihabara news]

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