Nintendo Prints Money


Or such is the conclusion to be drawn from the figures that the company is revealing Kyoto during the last few hours. The latest talk of a total of 32.3 billion won thanks to the 7.8 million downloads that have occurred on the Virtual Console Wii since it was launched. Given the relatively low investment involved in putting products like these available to the public, I do not think we can complain about the extraordinary profitability that you are taking.

But there is not the thing, because most of the day, we have also learned that Nintendo has been who has been the cat to water during Black Friday, announcing that over the past two weeks came to sell the friolera of 650,000 Wii units in the North American market. For an idea that you should do are 130,000 consoles more than those sold during the entire month of October, but in half the time.

To crown it all, the company has also announced that its DS broke the record for sales of a console during Thanksgiving week, to distribute in just seven days 653,000 laptops. The previous record for this time it was his successor, Game Boy Advance, with 53,000 less. Do you happens to the idea of the frantic pace of sales that have had to take in the shops?

The truth, I was also of those who thought that the lack of consoles could be a clever marketing strategy, but before avalanches purchase like this, I would not be surprised in the least that the Christmas cease literally clean the shelves of its machines . In total, good for Reggie expects to have sold 17.5 million Wii for the closure of the fiscal year. Did you succeed?

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