Portable Maxdata Pro 5500IR in cars from the race solar tougher


Last October was held in Australia and the largest tougher competition vehicles powered by solar energy. In all teams must travel 3,000 kilometers.

The news is that technology engineers aboard used portable equipment manufacturer Maxdata, specifically a model of llamdos rugerizado, namely that resists very adverse conditions and falls and blows. Come on, a good time to assess its proper functioning.

The laptops were used to collect and process data from the car, and resisted the dust and dirt. Moreover, they come equipped with processors Core 2 Duo and protection keyboard for liquids. As for the autonomy, which is vital for a team that will be used n environments in which it might not have electrical connection, is 4 hours and can be recharged in 90 minutes up to 80%.

The computer, 14.1 inches, leading GPS and handle for transportation, which certainly can be done on a more or less comfortable with their 3 kilograms.

Could we consider this race as the Formula One of the laptops?

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