Revealed The Final Cover Of GTA IV


Rockstar continues revealing details of his game star with drabs. If exactly one month ago was revealed different boxart ‘GTA IV’ (in the absence of a final cover that remained secret) today, finally, Rockstar has shown the last and definitive cover of the game, which is still in line with deliveries previous.

Once again, the cover consists of a collage of images drawn with comic style, which represent various characters and situations of the game. No new developments in this area, of course it is true that the skins of GTA has itself created a style of its own, so if something goes Does that change?

Also, the official website of Rockstar and dates for the next trailer of the game, which will be revealed next December 6 (national holiday in Spain for more inri). We must remain vigilant to the web that day…

Official Site | Grand Theft Auto IV

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