Tamagochi, one of the worst gadgets history


There was a time in which children are sumían into a deep depression when her favorite pet, this kind of adopted son finally died after agonizar for several weeks. Do you remember the fury of the Tamagochi? I grabbed me when it was big enough to succumb to the demands of this little being manufactured by Bandai but many children in the world demanding their own Tamagochi to care, pamper and sleep, of course, without knowing that the little monster one day leave this world and abandon forever.

In 1996 an astute man named Aki Maita invented this creature which is then replicated by the world with multiple names and generated by the global debate that aroused the unit tested in children. Incredibly, eleven years after this gadget has become one of the 10 technology products most horrible of history, at least for kids CNet.

Finally, this little monster has received his due after that request and the request and invite children to a sick unit. However, beyond moral issues is the question: how to create a gadget so insignificant and become a millionaire?

[Via: CNnet]

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