Blu-ray is leading the war of the formats in Europe


Sony has announced that sales of Blu-ray discs in Europe have exceeded one million units.

Of all the movies in high definition purchased by consumers this year in Europe, 73% of them have been bought in Blu-ray format, according to Gfk Media Control International.

According to the company, in the first week of November, the sale of movies on Blu-ray reached 66,000 units, the highest volume since the debut of the format. This fact is attributed to the launch of titles such as’300 ‘,’ Spider-man 3 ‘,’ The Jungle 4.0 ‘or’ Pirates of the Caribbean: At the end of the world ‘.

As for the consoles, SCEE stated that the launch of the PlayStation 3 in Europe in March has been key to the momentum of this technology. Since the departure of PlayStation 3, sales of Blu-ray have been between two and five times more than those of HD-DVD in the same week.

In addition, Sony has recalled the high turnover of games in Blu-ray, which goes far beyond the film. If the figures are added, sales of Blu-ray discs in Europe amounted to 21 million units.

Ultimately, it seems that the format has begun well for business, but still has a big enemy to beat in the domestic ground: the DVD.

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