Pack OCZ RAM memories, make a total of 8 GB


I personally recommend the installation of 2 GB of RAM in a computer again, but many people are already using a total of 4 GB. OCZ, maker of high-end RAM memories, and that is precisely these OCZ PC2-6400.

The PC2-6400 is a pack of four modules DDR2 2 GB of 800 MHz each, making a total of myocardial: 8 GB of memory, recommended only for a certain sector of the market very professional. The reports offer a latency of 5-4-4 and have a system, called Xtreme Thermal Convection, for better heat dissipation, making the reports also ideal for extreme overclocker.

With this pack, everything suggests that manufacturers memories seem to have found a limit per module in 2 GB since it was not released modules 4 GB. Is that the price would be dreadfully high, or because they were still being investigated?. Regarding the PC2-6400, OCZ has not yet ruled on price or release date.

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  1. July 19th, 2011
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