Rumor: new NVidia GeForce 9 high range for February


A good rumor in the afternoon Friday: it is said that the new range will launch NVidia GeForce 9 in February 2008, which would be the latest in graphics cards housework.
To begin with, it will launch a high-end graphics in February, which used the latest NVidia GPU, the G92, based on 65 nanometer technology compatible with DirectX 10.1 (a version that seems to be launched in mid-2008) and Shader Model 4.1, the latest version of a set of instructions used by graphics cards for image rendering operations.

In turn, all pointing to launch more NVidia graphics belonging to the GeForce 9 in mid-2008, but with less range and based GPU of 55 nanometers. Although remember that none of this is officially confirmed, and should be beating about the eye. Anyway, there is so much time between now and February, a little more than two months.

[Via | GearFuse]

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