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Google Street View Blurs Faces, Still Shows Privates [Caught]


Google Street View will soon cease to be fun. Because while we were once able to enjoy the antics of strangers photographically busted outside of kiddie strip clubs, Google has announced that they will begin blurring all faces and license plates in Europe’s soon-to-be-launched version of Google Street View. And according to a Google rep, the US will likely follow in the future. Seriously though, this is good news.

If only so Haroon can finally argue to his “girlfriend” that maybe it wasn’t him…sitting in his car…filled to the brim with scantily clad transvestite hookers. [infoworld via therawfeed and image]

Venturi intros CREW vn740 DMB-equipped GPS unit


We haven’t heard much from the Venturi that makes solar/wind-powered vehicles lately, but the Venturi that makes generic PMPs and GPS devices still seems to be kickin’ it, with it now showing off its new CREW vn740 model. Continue reading

Creative Zen to Release 32GB and 2GB Players


Good news for all Zen lovers out there–Creative intends to release 32GB and 2GB versions of the Zen sometime soon. The memory of the 32GB Zen is going to be flash, not hard disk; as for the 2GB version, there’s one available on the Creative UK site for £69. No concrete details on the availability of the 32GB Zen but it’s definitely something to look forward to. Even without all that memory the Zen is an awesome enough gadget, what with its amazing sound quality and support for unprotected AAC files and SDHC cards.

[via crave]

AT-AT Gamecube mod now for sale, fanboys swarm


There are mods, and then there are works of art. Without question, the item you see above falls squarely into the latter category, and it’s likely to give any devout Star Wars fan a chance at fainting upon first glance. The AT-AT Gamecube mod (also referred to as the AT-GC in some circles) was built a few years back, but now the proud creator has decided to cash out and let the highest bidder take ownership. This beast maintains the original heatsink and cooling fans, and comes with the AT-AT pilot, four Wavebird controllers and a pair of memory cards. Check out a few more detailed shots and a video in the read link below, and go ahead and throw your bid in while you’re at it — resistance is futile, you know?

The Playstation 3 is a machine cracking passwords


In its day, the Playstation 2 was on everyone’s lips by the famous racket that could lead missiles and now his biological mother is a machine with passwords, making a mockery of the Intel and AMD processors, because it is 100 times more quick them. Continue reading

January: month of possible surprises from Apple


If you say that Apple is preparing a macbook Ultraslim and aluminum for January do not discover anything new. We have commented more than once. The rumor certainly has become these days, with the very real possibility that the hard disk is to use type flash, a SSD to an incredible autonomy, which together with the lower weight and the finish and LED display render it a team that must be taken.

Continue reading

Announcement By “D4RKN3SS”

Softhack Logo

This announcement from me “D4rkn3ss” well i just wanted to tell u that i change my page name like maybe some people have realized that I changed it from “Softs-Hacks & Others” to “Softs-News & Others” ,well my explanation for this is that I had promised since I made my blog i was going to put some tricks & tips of hacking , but so far I have not done that ,because well i don’t know if u would like that kind of posts so I would like some help to decide whether to put Tricks $ Tips of hacking or leave my blog just like it is with post of software, news and among others.

You help will be appreciated with comments and votes.

Thanks for Taking the time to read this post i hope you vote if u have any other any just leave a comment or contact me.