January: month of possible surprises from Apple


If you say that Apple is preparing a macbook Ultraslim and aluminum for January do not discover anything new. We have commented more than once. The rumor certainly has become these days, with the very real possibility that the hard disk is to use type flash, a SSD to an incredible autonomy, which together with the lower weight and the finish and LED display render it a team that must be taken.

On the other hand, appears to be, but we must not rely much, Leopard, the latest operating system from Apple, could be ready to run Windows applications natively, without virtualization through. Certainly it would be a great blow and power step after installing Windows on a computer Apple.

To conclude this overview of the current Apple, Applesfera we explain how to use the iPhone to connect to the Internet with a laptop.

Oh, and we can not forget the TabletMac also think that might arrive in January. Perhaps too much already.

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