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8 Reasons Why The PSP Will NEVER, EVER Overtake the DS [Psp Vs Ds]

psp_console_broken_lg.jpgJason Chen [From Gizmodo]recently wrote up 8 Reasons Why The PSP Might Overtake the DS. It was a fascinating article with some worthwhile arguments. But alas, he was completely, entirely wrong. Jason’s logic is the consumer electronic equivalent of Xeno’s Paradox, perfect in theory…but clearly fallible in real world testing. So here our my 8 reasons why the Sony PSP (though a great handheld system), will never, ever take over the might Nintendo DS. Continue reading

VX848 PMP is Just Another Good-Looking Player From ONDA


ONDA outdid itself this time. The New VX848 has a simple design that stands out for its undeniable prettiness. The control buttons is a simple four-way like you’ll find in many media players but by making it an oval-shape, ONDA has done a little design magic: they managed to make regular tech look like state-of the-art technology. Don’t know about you but this one looks better than the VX989. Specs:

  • 2.4-inch QVGA screen
  • MPEG-4 (AVI) movie files
  • MP3, WMA, WAV audio files
  • FM radio
  • USB 2.0
  • audio recording (mic)
  • JPEG

[onda via thebestmp3players]]

Ricavision kicks out VAVE100 universal MCE / SideShow remote


Following up on the RICA 100 that Ricavision unveiled in May is the VAVE100, which doesn’t deviate too far from its past siblings in the design department, but does offer up a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD, a shiny green MCE button and SideShow functionality. Continue reading

The Wii is MORE Expensive This Year Than Last


I4U points out that when acquiring some Wiis from wholesalers, they were surprised to find that the price had increased from last year. While the Wii retails for $250, in 2006 they had to settle for a $476.11 pricetag for just the Wii system. This year, that number has inflated to $538.80…or become $60 more expensive. We can’t believe it either. Continue reading

Google Reveals 2008 Plans For Google Apps


Google is usually fairly tight lipped about future product releases. But they were surprisingly revealing about upcoming plans for Google Apps at an event in Ann Arbor earlier this week. Blogger Andrew Miller took some great notes from a presentation by Googler Scott Johnston, the VP of Product Development at wiki startup Jotspot prior to their acquisition by Google a little over a year ago. Continue reading

Molyneux announce ‘Fable 2’ for Finals of 2008


During the GDC last May, Peter Molyneux and went to work its always-oiled machinery of hype at the beginning of its promise and promise everything that ‘Fable 2’ will come to give it at its launch for XBox 360, console it hopes to achieve to carry out all that was left by the wayside in the development of the first installment of this RPG in the previous machine from Microsoft. Continue reading

Blackberry Connect for MotoQ9


Finally begin on Motorola smart things, the inclusion of Blackberry Connect on the Moto Q9 is really good news for both sides, on the one hand, users of the range corporate Motorola will have access to one of the mail servers and communication most important of this market, and secondly, Blackberry continues to extend its platform. Continue reading