Mac Os could run Windows applications natively


They discovered evidence that seem to point in the sense that the Mac could soon run Windows applications without having installed any software virtualised.

In fact, although narrowly, for some time projects such as the open-source Wine has facilitated some of this functionality.

But an interesting debate on the mailing list of Wine seems to refresh the hope of those who wish to have a Frankenstein between Mac OS X and Windows.

The discussion starts with a message of Steven Edwards, entitled “Interesting Behavior of OS X,” in which the author describes Leopard apparently has a Portable Executable charger, a file type used in Versions 32 and 64-bit Windows .

Apparently Leopard tries to find DLL Windows trying to load a binary of this operating system.

And it is suspected that at least Leopard already contains the basic elements that will allow one day Apple add a layer of Windows compatibility to Mac OS X to run Windows applications right alongside Mac applications.

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