Molyneux announce ‘Fable 2’ for Finals of 2008


During the GDC last May, Peter Molyneux and went to work its always-oiled machinery of hype at the beginning of its promise and promise everything that ‘Fable 2’ will come to give it at its launch for XBox 360, console it hopes to achieve to carry out all that was left by the wayside in the development of the first installment of this RPG in the previous machine from Microsoft. Now, in a conference live with readers Eurogamer, the renowned British designer commented that this sequel, which will take place in Albion 500 years after the first part, will be issued in 2008, most notably to the end of this year. However, taking into account how things stand, which will not be surprised that as many as delayed, and see the light and come to 2009.

Outside was as if this new ‘Fable’ becomes everything that ensures Molyneux, well deserve punishment for users of XBox 360 await his arrival as required, since it could become one of the most colossal titles ever seen . But as I say, better not rely heavily on these “election promises” until the facts are on the table, then come disappointments.

In another vein, during the interview the director of Lionhead also spoke of a second project that his company is preparing, obviously also for the console of his landlady Microsoft, which he defined as a revolutionary and ambitious project of the famous hybrid ‘Dimitri’ , the game that supposedly recrearía a person’s life from the 12 years, and more than ever it was revealed after being announced some time ago for the PC.

What can be treated? Well, that is, but what is clear is that once again we have to wait. Indeed, as the last detail say that responding to the question of what had been the game that most had enjoyed this year, rest assured that it had been ‘BioShock’.

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