PMP the size of a credit card


Do you have a credit card in hand? Probably yes, because… Can you imagine buying a PMP that could be the same size? Needless to imagine much because indeed, the two MPP you see in the above image fulfilled those characteristics.
On the one hand we have the Neon M3, on the left, which has a LCD 2.4-inch heat-sensitive buttons which facilitates the use of the device in the dark and on the other hand the Ice, the right, which has a screen 2.8-inch buttons and not sensitive to heat.

Both allow you to see your video files in the most common formats (AVI and MPEG), listen to the radio, voice recording, and of course both are connected to a computer through its USB port. Regarding your battery has a range of 3 – 4 hours in video playback, and both cost 99 dollars.

[Via PMP Today]

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