A new trailer for ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ is early to Come …


Another such authentic games desired by the universe jugón is’ Final Fantasy XIII ‘.

From the next day 12 and up to 23 of the same month Japan will take place in the Jump Party 2008, an event of enormous magnitude that focuses particularly on the manga and video games. It is in this scenario where Square Enix, among others, showing a new trailer of expected ‘FF XIII’.

Square Enix opened a special website for the event, where present, in addition, the latest news on ‘FF IV’, ‘Kingdom Hearts’ or’ Star Ocean First Departure ‘.

In ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ Tetsuya Nomura has said recently that it will be the first game to squeeze the most of the capabilities of the PlayStation 3. Hopefully that will not remain locked and operate a seamless because the PS3 is lacking a good joy in that aspect.


[Special Game Site: Game]

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