Toshiba and Samsung will share information on the NAND Memories


Two large companies linking their power. Toshiba and Samsung have announced that they will allow another company to use the products developed, including this memory LBA-NAND and OneNANDTM, Toshiba and Samsung, respectively, and all their derivatives.
The NAND memories are widely used in recent years especially in portable devices-type MP3, PDAs, and mobile phones, among others. With this merger the two companies seek to minimize manufacturing costs, which will be passed in a lower selling price to the public and get further enhance development in these reports NAND, which many consider the future in storage data and today are still a little green.

Hopefully this merger, which has only affected the area of NAND memories of both companies, begin to bear fruit soon. For now business as usual and probably have to wait several months to see the first effects.

Via | I4U.
More Info| Toshiba.

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