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Vista pirated half as much as XP, Microsoft rejoices


While it admits it’s not possible to pin down an exact number, Microsoft has let out word today that it estimates the counterfeit rate of Vista to be about half that of XP, a figure that it seems to be more than pleased with. Of course, one could interpret those numbers in slightly less positive ways, but Microsoft claims the sharp dip in piracy is due to Vista’s amped up authentication system, which it says is a “proven and effective way to combat piracy.” Continue reading

BBC rules report on WiFi dangers was “misleading”



It looks like WiFi fearmongers now have one less tool to back up their slightly dubious arguments, as an official BBC complaints body has now ruled that a program on the subject that aired on the network earlier this year was “misleading.” Continue reading

Michael Bay’s format war conspiracy theory: it’s a Microsoft fix


It’s no secret that Michael “Transformers” Bay prefers his high definition optical discs in the Blu variety, but what we didn’t know was how convinced the man is that the whole format war is nothing but a stalling tactic, with Microsoft pulling all the strings. Continue reading

Xbox 360 HD DVD player stoops to $129


Not even six months after the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive fell to an oh-so-tempting $179, the unit has now reached an even lower low. That’s right kids, the attachment has just plummeted to a juicy $129, which would honestly sound a whole lot sweeter if not for that sub-$100 HD DVD fiasco still lingering in our heads. Nevertheless, we’ve already noticed the player’s new price tag over at Amazon and Toys R Us, but feel free to point out any other price slashings in comments below.

Read – $129.99 at Amazon
Read – $129.98 at Toys R Us

Very NSFW Video: Beautiful Topless Girls Playing Wii

Wii Girls

OK, it goes like this: Get a Nintendo Wii. An assorted group of topless buxom bombshells. Five gallons of Johnson & Johnson Baby oil. Mix it all with a lot of Wii games and a few cameras for some multi-angle action. The result: extremely not-safe-for-work and surprisingly entertaining videos that ask you “What game are they playing” after watching the girls play for a few minutes. This page-3-girl smut comes, naturally, from England. And all I can say is: God save the Queen!

Watch [Video]

Watch II[Video]

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Rumor Smashed: No IPTV on Xbox 360 in Fall Update

Although the Fall Xbox 360 Update brings a lot (most notably spectacular DivX and XviD support), what it doesn’t bring is IPTV. A few sites picked up the rumor that IPTV came with this update, but needs provider support to work. However, we contacted Microsoft and they told us in no uncertain terms that there was no IPTV update in this round. Maybe Spring Update? Oh, and that’s not a picture of my dash.

[Via | Gizmodo]

HTC Touch Clone Has GPS, But Still Runs Windows Mobile


If we were a Chinese company that made knockoff phones, we probably wouldn’t make a knockoff of the HTC Touch. Not that the phone is bad—it’s somewhat usable—but putting Windows Mobile 5 on any phone when WM6 is the standard now is kind of a bad idea. However, we would follow in their footsteps and beef up hardware features to include a GPS, a 2-megapixel camera and fingerprint security. We just wouldn’t put Windows Mobile 5 on it. [EC51 via Uber Gizmo]