Sony NW-EO13 small MP3 player with color display


It is somewhat different to what we had seen previously, and I think that good advertising can sell well. Sony launches NW-E013.

And what’s special about?. It’s an MP3 player small in size and color LCD screen, a feature that is often absent in similar devices. It is compatible with MP3, ATRAC, WMA, AAC and PCM, FM radio and a means 2.9×22.4×13.6 millimeters. Moreover, the big disadvantage is that it has only has 1 GB of capacity, which is why many of us throws a little backward. If Sony launch a device for 2 or 4 GB, things would be very different.

Available in five colors, purple, blue, black, pink and yellow, for now, the price, about 68 euros, is roughly half. We must also recognize that for a little more because we have a player with a capacity of about 4 GB. By now it is Sony Japan.

    • Niel
    • September 23rd, 2010

    Can I ask if this unit of mp3 player is present here in Philippines? I want to buy this gadget somewhere in October or December 2010. Thanks.

    You are welcome to comment in one of my posts. Enjoy reading too. =] Thanks!

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