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New Images Of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

 Final Cover


After a few days ago showed the final cover of the game  and the announce of a trailer for tomorrow, kids Rockstar have decided to do a little shorter waiting and publish a collection of catch that undoubtedly , the title is more interesting than are currently preparing its study veteran of Edinburgh. Continue reading

Jott Voice Enables Google Calendar

Jott announced a new service today that voice enables Google Calendar. Jott says after a simple set up the Jott service links users via voice-to-text to their Google calendar.

Jott Networks CEO, John Pollard, commented, “Having the freedom to make Google Calendar entries with any cell phone is what Jott’s all about-making it simple to get more done. Continue reading

Tucano Raise His Beat With Peripherals


It might not be the most recognized brands in the market because its origin is not in the Far East or in the United States, natural homes of the majority of firms that flood the consumer electronics with its wide range of products. Even so, it would be wrong to repair the Italian Tucano, a firm with a broad catalog in his favor just build its new offer of peripherals. Continue reading

Limited Edition Zune 2 is probably worth more than your life


What do you get a gadget geek who has everything for Christmas? Try one of the gold-plated Limited Edition Zunes–if you can get your hands on one. Microsoft partnered up with the company Goods to sell only TEN limited edition Zunes in 8GB and 80GB (that makes 20 all in all) for the big hip-hop launch party that Microsoft and Zune sponsored for Goods. Continue reading

New Features for fingerprint readers and webcams


why would you use the fingerprint reader on your laptop? What has already thought? Continue reading

Super Talent introduced the highest capacity PDS disk on the market


The company Super Talent Technology has introduced the solid state disk with greater capacity in the market today. This new device SSD has a capacity of 256GB and offers a SATA interface. This model SSD offers strong resistance to shock and vibration and low power consumption, as well as a great performance.Super Talent offered to purchasers of this SSD last generation a guarantee of 3 years, although not yet known its final price.

Myvu Solo’s silicon secrets revealed


Ever wonder what’s behind those Myvu Solo goggles besides Lemar Burton? Good, because EE Times took a X-acto and splayed the $199 video headset wide. Of interest are those tiny left and right-eye microdisplays with 320 x 240 pixel transmissive color LCDs from Kopin Corp out of wicked Westboro, Mass. Also notable is the weight — 118-grams — of which, a good portion is from the cables. Plenty of lewd, techno-gore just beyond the read link. You know, if you can pull yourself away from your ohmmeter long enough.