Nokia Comes With Music not that free afterall



Yesterday Nokia announced the Comes with Music program, where you get with a device purchase 1 year long free music from a catalog of millions of tracks. You can keep the downloaded music after that free subscription expires. Arstechnica took a closer look and discovered some DRM related restriction to this awesome sounding deal. The key to the discovery is that Nokia partnered with Universal Music, which announced just a couple of weeks ago an Apple iTunes Rival.Universal Music charges carriers or manufacturers a subscription fee of $5 per month so they can offer free music to customers.
Nokia is the first to join this program. Which would be fine by itself, but Nokia is appparently using Microsoft’s PlaysForSure DRM to not allow you to burn the downloaded tracks to CDs or convert them use on other music players. You would have to purchase un upgrade for each track.
To renew your subscription you are supposed to buy a new Nokia phone.
More details on Arstechnica.

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