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Slacker Portable Coming Next Year



Those who have pre-ordered the Slacker Portable are in for a major disppointment. The Slacker Portable player will be delayed. It will not be shipped at the target date of December 13. Instead shipment will be moved to January 31 of 2008. The portable Internet radio player isn’t quite as perfect as Slacker hopes. Remember that it took Haier many months since it first announced its portable Internet radio player before it was able to begin shipping.

[via orbitcast]

This Time, Digital Camera Has Clone Offspring With Nano


Given the popularity of iPods and cameras, it is no surprise that we’ve seen this sort of thing before (albeit with the HDD-using iPod type). This time, however, BTL International clones and shoves a 2MP camera into the back of the current-gen Nano with its M2406 model. Continue reading

Motorola RAZR2 Gold & Snake-Like Edition!


Mobile phones haven’t remained a mere tool of communication, in fact they have turned into a symbol of status and glamour, flaunting significance and class of the owner. Stretching the luxury line of phones, Motorola has proclaimed a special edition, which will be an advanced figure of its latest RAZR2. Continue reading

Wireless Spy Camera Pen


Fully functioning and normal looking pen with completely inconspicuous built in wireless mini spy camera, and also coming with an included solar charger for quick and easy recharging of the pen cameras built in Li-ion battery. Continue reading

Just How White Does Tide Get Your Consoles?


Kotaku did an interesting whiteness comparison between the Wii, 360 and newest PS3. Reminding us of one of those teeth whitening before and afters you see around midnight on every channel, the PS3 dominates the (competition?) with absolutely stunning, pearly whiteness. The Wii holds its own with a solid, “standard” white. But the Xbox 360? That one’s a smoker. Because next to the other consoles, it’s looking gray…which is odd, because I’d describe their “black” Elite as a bit gray as well. [kotaku]

Globetrotter Eco Car


Ever imagined driving in an ultra lightweight, solar-powered plastic car? If designer Harsha Ravi has his way, this will be the future of sustainable automobiles. Winning the conveted Young Designer of the Year award, Harsha Ravi has envisioned a release from dependence on fossil fuels with an emphasis on eco-friendly vehicle technologies and cutting back the weight and bulk of today’s gas-guzzlers. Continue reading

Sputnik Subwoofer From Everything But The Box



Everything But The Box (EBTB) has released two new hanging speakers to compliment their current lineup. The Sputnik 12S (pictured above) is a 12″ passive subwoofer capable of handling 1,000 watts of continuous power and can either be hung from the ceiling or rested on a leather pad. This subwoofer is designed specifically for bars and restaurants, hence the suspension design. The Venus suspended loudspeaker is also new, and features a woofer and tweeter housed in an orb.