COWON Q5W Adds the W for US Market


There’s no real difference between the COWON Q5W for the U.S. market and the original COWON Q5, which orginally came out for the Korean market. COWON’s multi-connected and multi-featured PMP has been much wowed here at this web site and for good reason. Not only is the 5-inch 800 x 400-pixel touchscreen PMP and the WiFi, HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and GPS, FM tuner on board enough to make the Q5 the mother of all PMPs, it’s also reasonably priced at $599 for the 60GB and $549 for the 40GB.

The Q5W’s main difference from the Q5 is the lack of a TV tuner. In Korea, a DMB tuner is built-in. The screen and movie-viewing is excellent, especially with the DivX/XviD support: the 16.7 million color support and 500:1 contrast ratio doesn’t go into waste. Gizmodo has a more detailed review of the COWON Q5W (link below) but in summary, DivX viewing is excellent with great speakers to boot, all aspect ratios of video files are automatically fit to the screen, audio support is from here to Timbuktu, GPS is great, WiFi so-so but workable and Windows CE is tolerable on this one. When they are going to add DVB TV, we don’t know.

[Via | PMP Today]

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