Motorola RAZR2 Gold & Snake-Like Edition!


Mobile phones haven’t remained a mere tool of communication, in fact they have turned into a symbol of status and glamour, flaunting significance and class of the owner. Stretching the luxury line of phones, Motorola has proclaimed a special edition, which will be an advanced figure of its latest RAZR2. Wrapped up in snake-like covering and gold shell, the special edition of the RAZR2 doesn’t even compromise in the essential features and accessories of best phones available in the market.

Eye-catching version of RAZR2 facets 18 K and 24 K gold plated accents and soft touch, together with engraved diamond-cut pattern on sideband and laser-etched facets on the steering helm. It too presents 2” external color display (largest in the market), 2GB of on-board memory6 with a storage capacity of up to 1000 songs and high speed USB 2.0 for fast data transfers.

Flaunting most vital features of a regular cell phone that includes Crystal TalkTM technology, quad-band technology and a full HTML browser1 the special edition of RAZR2 also includes a 2.0 mega pixel camera with 8X digital zoom, video with high-resolution and playback, a dazzling blend of cutting-edge technology and bold, sophisticated details.

  1. Great article, nice to see a real successor to the old D&G RAZR V3 Gold.

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