The apple of sin… remote view


A remote control designed for the selfish, greedy always dislike, which is when another of this planet enunciates the phrase fearful: Do I lend the control remote?

Words unfortunate that today can finally stop being what they were, that horrible judgment that puts an end to our happiness in front of the television. Because the designer Jason Roebuck has designed a set of remote controls that are designed to comply with the wishes of each of the inhabitants of the dwelling.

We do not know either because he liked this design in the form of apple but the fact is that beyond the physiognomy, these remote controls are customizable, meaning that each family member can have their own apple ¡ups! Well control and scheduling functions according to use. The command responds to gestures, if rotamos to the left descend volume and if we do to the right, as we climb.

Do you want to know more about him? Okay, each of these manzanas-controles are placed on a sort of source or bowl where lie almost as a garnish on the table. This accessory is actually the place where the checks conducted its recharge and you wonder if you will as to distinguish your personal control from the rest, because every green apple is different and there are clearer and more obscure. This guy did was original…


Via | Yanko Design

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