Toyota presents the robots of the future!


The uses and functionalities of robots are constantly growing in many areas from industrial to domestic needs, with this in mind, Toyota R&D has been working hard on new robots that they kindly presented to us.The first robot is destined to be used in logistics, it is capable of moving around without touching anything, it has the ability to follow people who might need his services or grab objects with an amazing precision, as an example we had it signing us an autograph!

The second robot is an evolution of the trumpet and violin player that was presented some time ago, again it was desmonstrating how much precision the engineers managed to put into its robotic hands, it can also move on its own.

Last but not least is a robot called Mobiro, it was designed to help the elders and anybody having difficulties to walk. It features a system of suspensions inspired by the automotive industry which guarantees optimum comfort. Mobiro will be used as soon as 2008 in the Disney theme park of Tokyo.

Via | AkihabaraNews

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