TWM 818UP, a very sensual Velvet Mouse


Blue Velvet. The velvet has its song and everything. Of course, since it has always been a noble material and attractive, something significant, something sensual. That’s why it is chosen over and over again in the tapizar armchairs, manufacture clothes and now when we want our mouse is more gentle and welcoming.

That’s how TooQ has designed a mouse with a velvet lined, it is very tempting to the touch and senses. Undoubtedly, a personal touch that set a precedent in this kind of peripherals. As it could not be otherwise, the TQM 818UP retains some of that romantic tradition and that is why comes in two colors: black and red evening passion.

In addition to a discrete size of only 105 x 57 x 35 mm, this is the type optical mouse and has a resolution of 800dpi. It comes with a USB connection and also with an adapter PS / 2.

The price of TWM 818UP is $12Us .

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