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MP4 Watch with 1.5-Inch OLED Screen


You see new MP4 watches almost every week nowadays. Some better looking than others. Like this 1.5 inch OLED screen “high fashion” model. Continue reading

eBayer wants $15000 for Darth Vader Wii


Serious Star Wars fans might like this custom Darth Vader Wii that’s currently up for for sale over on EBay.

Yeah, just about anything gets ratcheted up a couple levels on the fantasmical scale if Darth Vader makes a cameo, but seriously, $15,000 for a Dark Side Wii on Ebay? To be frank, this auction has spoof written all over it, but whatever the case, redferndesign is offering up a “limited edition” (one of four, supposedly) Wii system with a red CD input LED, an all black motif, Darth Vader imprinted on the side and a pair of black Wiimotes / nunchucks. Continue reading

Ideazon’s Reaper Edge gaming mouse gets reviewed


It’s been over a year since Ideazon threw its Reaper into the totally saturated gaming mouse market, but now that the Reaper Edge has arrived to challenge the revived SideWinder, Razer Lachesis and Saitek Cyborg (to name just a few), it seems suitable to see how it stacks up. Continue reading

Cedar Electronics’ CDV-528: half camcorder, half PMP, totally chintzy


Regrettably, we can safely say that we’ve seen a similar mishmash before, and while we’ve no idea who actually finds these things worthwhile, Cedar Electronics is apparently giving it a go with the CDV-528. Continue reading

Robotex creating gun-toting robots to replace human soldiers


It’s not as if we haven’t seen weapon-wielding robots before, but Robotex is aiming to create a new breed of mechanical soldier that’s quick to build and cost effective. The Silicon Valley startup has garnered quite a bit of funding from angel investors, and apparently, it has already created a two-foot tall, motorized robot that can travel ten miles per hour, spin around “on a dime,” be controlled remotely and most importantly, “blow a ten-inch hole through a steel door with deadly accuracy from 400 meters. Continue reading