Well maybe some people already know about this game, but maybe others don’t even know a thing about it ,well i’m gonna make like little review about the game.

  • Developer, Distributor, designer & Publisher | Artix Entertainment
  • Release |October 1, 2007
  • Genre | RPG
  • Mode | Single-Player
  • Requeriments | Adobe Flash Player 8.0 Or Later


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MechQuest, commonly abbreviated as “MQ,” is the third online RPG created by Artix Entertainment, and was released in Gamma Testing on October 1, 2007. It is a massive online single-player RPG, much like the previous two games released by the company [AdventureQuest & DragonFable]. However, unlike its precursors, which take place in a fantasy setting, MechQuest takes place in a Science fiction setting. MechQuest is an RPG based on Mecha[giant robot]and futuristic technology, despite being set in the far past relative to the other games by Artix Entertainment. The game implements Flash based game play over the internet, requiring no download. It has Anime-like graphics and features both animated and non-animated player characters and non-player characters (NPCs). MechQuest takes place in the year 3007, or 5000 years before/after (unclear) AdventureQuest (4995 years before/after DragonFable). The player starts out on a ship headed to Soluna City, and will attend GEARS University to learn about “mecha combat” so he/she will be able to survive in life. ok… well thats much it what is “MQ” well if u wanna enjoy the game well just click.

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