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Polycom ships HDX 4000 / 8000 HD video conferencing systems


Remember that snazzy HD video conferencing system that Polycom introduced back in July? That very system is finally shipping alongside its beefed up sibling, the HDX 8000. Each of the “video collaboration solutions” enables users to see distanced colleagues in high-definition, and both flavors come with HDX Version 2.0 software that features Lost Packet Recovery (LPR) technology. Continue reading

New Material Provides Constant Light For 12 Years Without a Power Source


MPK, a company that has made a name producing glow-in-the-dark paint, has developed self-luminous micro particles called Litrospheres. The new material is said to be inexpensive (35 cents to light up a 8 ½ x 11 piece of plastic that is 1/8″ thick), non-toxic, and capable of staying constantly lit for over 12 years thanks to a betavoltaic technology that uses a radioactive gas. Continue reading

Microsoft Office 2007 SP1 Is Out Now



Microsoft today introduced its Service Pack 1 for the suite Office 2007.
Developments are kind of security, error correction and stability of the system, but did not speak specifically of remarkable developments beyond the usual in this type of service pack.

The download and can do the same for free in a few months and will be offered as an automatic update.

Mercedes Benz Bike


The Folding Bike is everything one would expect from Mercedes-Benz – yet remains an acceptable option for navigating any urban environment. A patented mechanism allows the bike to be folding effortlessly in a two-step process. A quick-release lever near the seat brings the front and rear wheel together, and a second lever above the front wheel allows the handlebars to pivot down. Continue reading

Poolside Theater


Outdoor theaters are becoming more and more popular, although what constitutes a theater is up for interpretation. Many magazines today sing the outdoor theater’s praises, but that theater might be just a plasma in a cabana or a couple of outdoor speakers. Engineered Environments in Alameda, California, however, has set the bar high for outdoor home theater. Continue reading

Shareapic Pays You To Host Pictures


Picture and file hosting has established credentials as a business idea. As the cost of storage has rapidly decreased as social networking has boomed picture hosting has been a hot vertical. There’s no shortage of sites in this space, and easy money to be had. At the very top Photobucket was acquired by MySpace for $250 million. Continue reading

Nokia Eco sensor, a concept with the environment as a theme


More or less once a year, Nokia made public a concept phone, as happened with the Aeon, and now it is up to Eco sensor, which almost right at the time when the Finnish company falls in the ranking ecological Greenpeace appears a strong relationship with the environment as a central theme, and almost unique.. Continue reading