Mercedes Benz Bike


The Folding Bike is everything one would expect from Mercedes-Benz – yet remains an acceptable option for navigating any urban environment. A patented mechanism allows the bike to be folding effortlessly in a two-step process. A quick-release lever near the seat brings the front and rear wheel together, and a second lever above the front wheel allows the handlebars to pivot down.

At its most compact, the bike measures 30 x 30 x 10 inches – and may easily be placed in the truck of a car or stored in a garage or apartment. Even the rear cargo rack can be used when the bike is folded, and the seven liter Teflon pannier can be accessed.

As with any Mercedes-engineered product, the Folding Bike’s suspension system between the aluminum alloy frame ensures the rider will stay comfortable on nearly any surface. The urban cyclist may navigate through the city shifting through five gears while remaining safe with highly efficient brake discs.

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