Nokia Eco sensor, a concept with the environment as a theme


More or less once a year, Nokia made public a concept phone, as happened with the Aeon, and now it is up to Eco sensor, which almost right at the time when the Finnish company falls in the ranking ecological Greenpeace appears a strong relationship with the environment as a central theme, and almost unique..

Everyone assumes that in the not too distant future all phones, or at least the most representative, will work with a touchscreen, and this case is no exception. More than one phone is a device for multiple connections, because beyond serve to communicate with other people, the idea is to obtain environmental data and the user, and use them to achieve a better relationship with the environment surrounding the person .

It consists of two devices, the device itself and a sensor, which is the one that takes the data from the environment and the user, and allow the other team the collect and send to others. The two devices communicate NFC and RFID, and the sensor can be worn on the neck or wrist, through some bands that are in turn solar panels.

In addition to its potential uses, the other important point of this concept is the exploration of new materials and technologies. Among other things, raise the use of electronic print or alternative sources such as solar energy or kinetic, besides the obvious use of biomaterials and recycled. Another point is that the scenario would not display LCD or OLED, but by electrowetting, which allows greater energy savings.

Interesting as an idea, hopefully not too long for some of the things raised is brought into commercial equipment.

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