reflection led watch: mirror, mirror on your wrist


Looking for a cool gift for the geek who has everything? I really dig this shiny new digital watch and its dramatic styling.

Concealed behind the mirrored face of the Reflection watch dwells a bright red LED display which only shows itself when illuminated. When it’s not telling the time, it’s perfect for checking out your good looks .

The super-shiny finish is a perfect complement to the Reflection’s highly-polished gunmetal band. There’s something about the retro-modern style of LED watches that always catches my eye. I especially like the fact that the display on this one is a little different from the typical 7-segment readout, using a dot-matrix to render the current time instead.

The Reflection watch features a durable mineralite lens with a polarized mirror finish, and a sturdy stainless steel case and band. You can find it at LEDWatchStop for $159 USD.

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