The BugE Personal EV Transport


The BugETM is a low cost single-seat personal electric vehicle that functions in an all-season environment with a number of power and range options to suit your needs. It costs about 1 penny per mile to operate.

For around the cost of a quality new motorcycle, you could be driving electric (in all weather unlike a motorcycle), being a trendsetter, saving money, and doing your part for to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The green clean zero emissions BugE, built especially by Harvey Coachworks of Knoxville, MD is an electric vehicle (EV) that draws its power from electricity stored in batteries, instead of from the combustion of liquid fuels. It is a low cost street-legal all electric personal mobility vehicle that functions in a 3 1/2 season environment. It is a super-efficient and stylish ride that costs about one penny per mile to operate, and recharges in about four hours from any home outlet. It registers as a motorcycle in most states (residents of Massachusetts should check with your DMV). A motorcycle license is required to drive the BugE.


Because the BugETM is built your needs, it typically takes 30 days from order to delivery of your BugETM Standard Model. XR models are currently being delivered on a 8 week lead time from date of order.

Available NOW in SR (Stadard Range) and XR (Extended Range) models with loads of available options, you BugETM can design one to meet your exact transportation needs.

Pricing for the standard configuration BugETM is $9,295.00 complete plus applicable sales tax and shipping if required. In order to take advantage of this offer you must place your order before Decmeber 1st, 2007.Base Vehicle Specifications
Year: 2007
Model: BugE SRT (Standard Range Transport)
Mileage: Less than 20
Vehicle Type: Motorcycle 3 Wheel semi-enclosed
Configuration: Single Passenger Cyclecar
Body: Non-structural Fairing and Canopy
Body Material: IFRP Composite
Canopy: Blow-formed Cast Acrylic Lucite
Chassis: High-durability coated Steel box
Chassis Type: Lateral Pivot Ladder
Suspension: UniShock
Shock Type: MC type Hydraulic/coil spring
Steering: Handlebar w/linked tie rod
Overall Length: 93”
Overall Width: 46”
Overall Height: 52”
Empty Weight: 215 lbs
With Batteries: 385 lbs
Payload: 215 lbs
Weight Distribution: 60lbs front / 40lbs rear
Turning Circle: 20 ft. dia.
Aerodynamic Drag (CD): Est. 35
Watt/Hours Per Mile: Est 50
Max Range: 40 miles
Max Speed: 50 mph
Gear Ratio: 6/1
Power To Weight (HP/LBS): 1/60
Motor: Advanced DC series wound 4001
Horsepower Cont/BHP: 3hp/10hp
Controller: Alltrax CT1937
Charger: 48v 10 amp
Instrumentation: Battery Meter, Speedometer
Wheels: 16” Aluminum Mag type
Tires: 2.25 X 16
Brakes: Drum type-hand operated
Accelerator: Thumb operated potentiometer
Batteries: Four Optima D34M SLA Deep Cycle (The batteries will last an estimated 500 full cycles. For example, if it’s driven to empty 5 days a week, battery life is about two years. A solar battery conditioner option is available that can extend the life up to an additional year).
Warranty: The BugE SRT includes a nose to tail 90 day parts & labor warranty. More info on the warranty available at The batteries come with an 18 month manufacturers warranty from Optima.

BugE is a registered Tradmark of Blue Sky Design.
You can find it on sale on Ebay Here.

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