Google Reader: share tickets with your contacts of Gtalk & Gmail


Google Reader, according to the same movements that other Google applications in the past, just integrate contacts Gtalk to share a simpler way tickets that we seem interesting. Until now we could share entries in two ways: either by email enviábamos entry, or enviábamos our public folder entries shared folder that was formed with the entries marcábamos as Shared / Shared. In other words, it is not too big a step forward but it is more comfortable, and especially highlights the fact that Google intends to extend the data that already have (Gmail contacts / Gtalk) to go slowly creating an enormous social network to extent of the browser.

To accomplish this integration has created a new folder, Friends’ shared items / Elements shared by friends, which gradually will be filling other folders, one for each contact you want to see. For now will be blank until your contacts read the popup Google’s warning and accept it. In addition, Google Reader guys we have prepared a new tab in the preferences where we can add and remove friends, and a well-thought button to delete all shared past, unless we want to see our contacts. As always, for the moment is only available in the English version, though I do not believe that Google afternoon much change in the local and Spanish.
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More Info | The official Google Reader Blog

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